Pre Loved Clikstix Block - Numbers


Pre loved and NOT in original packaging


This cutter includes all numbers on the clikstix.

So easy to use and gives wonderful results! I

These cutters are really easy to use, and a little practice makes perfect!    You have the convenience of many different sized or shaped cutters all in one, therefore less chance of losing any!

For best results, use your usual sugarpaste/fondant mixed with a little typo powder – this will make a strong icing that can be rolled thinly, which eliminates the risk of your paste becoming stuck in the cutter, and will release easily.

Place chosen cutter at right angles (ie. horizontally) to paste and cut, pressing firmly down. ‘Scrub’ the board to ensure the cutter edge goes through the paste.  Pick up cutter, and press ejector / backing strip to eject the shape.  Continue doing this for chosen shapes working down your strip of paste.  Then if you want more shapes, re roll and continue cutting etc. If you are not sure whether cutter has given a clean cut, turn over and rub around cutter edge with finger to neaten!)


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