Holly Plunger Cutter (Set of 3)


This set of three plastic Culpitt plungers make decorating your cakes and cupcakes an absolute breeze! Just press firmly and release to create an impressive holly leaf design - perfect for filling stockings this Christmas!

Stamp out something special! Use green sugar paste plus Tylo powder to craft festive holly cutouts for your Christmas pudding or sponge cake.

Top with red sugar pearls for that extra bit of holiday cheer. And, of course, don't forget the edible glitter: red and emerald green for a nice festive look!

- Set of 3 Single Leaf Holly plunger cutters

- Approx Sizes of cutters; range from 20mm, 40mm

- Suitable for making edible cake decorations

- Add some edible glitter to make your creations extra special

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